Our US-based team of operations rockstars will recruit and train a “kick yourself for not doing this sooner” offshore Integrator (fractional or dedicated), then hand-build them into your ecosystem as your indispensable right hand in 14 days or less.

See for yourself in 4 heroic steps.

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Step #1

Watch this video

on all the goodness you’ll get if we team up(think, dynamic duo).

Step #2

Get a taste of what a Sidekick

can take off your plate (this is just a small sample of all that’s possible).

Executive Assistance

The day-to-day management of personal agendas is enough to keep most business leadership busy through the morning. When you add in communications with clients, team members, and vendors, you eat up half your day. Instead let a Sidekick manage it all for you:

  • Inbox management -“Hey YOUR NAME, I cleaned up your inbox. I pointed a couple requests towards the team but I have one that needs your attention…”

  • Calendar management -Making sure you never have to do the back and forth of scheduling, rescheduling, or booking a call with someone you need to meet.

  • Research -Compile the most important points of the topic you need to know/learn about into a sheet or doc that outlines everything you want without any of the headache.

  • Collecting information -Hey Sidekick, collect all of our client emails, phone numbers, addresses, and stick them in a company-wide directory.

  • Presentations - PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations crafted from scratch

  • Vendor management -Vendor research, issue management, etc.

  • Customer/ Client Support -Addressing minor issues or assigning them to the appropriate team member, bringing critical issues to your attention

  • Travel arrangements -Local or long distance travel sorted for you. Everything from, “call me an Uber to meet with the client” to “book me two weeks in Chicago”.

Sales and Marketing

Sidekicks are trained, managed, and supported by a team with extensive sales and marketing experience. As such, they are able to handle a wide variety of sales and marketing tasks to support your growth program:

  • Email automation -Build and deploy sophisticated automations that nurture clients towards a sale or onboard them more effectively.

  • Sales prospecting -Build highly targeted lists with phone numbers, emails, and much more for your sales team or outbound campaigns.

  • Social media management -Social media management - Let a Sidekick completely manage your social media presence from creating content and scheduling/publishing to community management.

  • Ads campaigns -You support strategy and creative vision, they execute. Let a Sidekick run your ads program under your strategic direction and industry expertise.

  • Outbound campaigns -Sidekicks can handle highly sophisticated outreach for your team on LinkedIn, email, etc. then book appointments for sales so they can focus on closing.

  • CRM management -Many of the best salespeople don’t effectively manage their CRM, leading to lost opportunities. No longer a problem with a Sidekick on the team.

  • Proposals and onboarding -Once you get a client to say “yes”, let the Sidekick support create proposals and handle onboarding activities.

  • Content marketing -You give them examples of the types of content you want to create, they run your entire content marketing program.

Admin/Data Entry

Data entry and administrative work is a vital component of your operation. That said, it often doesn’t require one of your well-paid local experts to get it done. Instead delegate this time consuming, technical work to an offshore expert to save your team countless hours each week:

  • Data Analysis – Have your Sidekick handle the number crunching and statistics for that important presentation or Q4 report.

  • Database Management –Sidekicks ensure that sensitive information, like customer and product data, is up to date and inputted where it needs to go so that you can find it later.

  • Graphical Data Representation –Charts, diagrams, and graphs make understanding data a lot easier. Your Sidekicks can build strong visuals that will do the communicating for you.

  • File & Records Management –Let your Sidekick create and/or implement a file and records management procedure that is intuitive, secure, and accessible.

  • Research –Daily research support including competitor research, quotes, industry news, and the list goes on. Basically, anything you need to get the job done.

  • Report Generation –Your Sidekick comes ready to compile data, draw on customer insights, and create reports that will drive business improvement.

  • Reviewing Documents –Have your Sidekick handle the final pass before publication, checking for typos, design issues, and inconsistencies.

  • Process Documentation –A crucial part of building efficiency into your business. Your Sidekick knows just how important process documentation is and how to execute it across every area of your company.

Step #3

See what other business owners/leadership

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Step #4

Answer virtually any question

about Heroes and Sidekicks withour interactive FAQ portal.

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Super Secret Bonus Step #5

Check out all the goodies

Check out all the goodies that come with your new utilitybelt - standard issue when you become a Hero (client).



Lifetime systems, processes, and delegation and management support with your dedicated Hero Success Manager(for YOU)

Former project or account manager at your side to ensure working with your Sidekick provides an immediate positive impact on your business.

Implements our battle-tested onboarding protocols to help get your Sidekick up to speed faster than anyone you’ve ever onboarded before.

Helps define and improve delegation systems and processes so handing off tasks is a breeze and they get completed the right way the first time.

Assesses areas for improvement in your business/team and recommends ways our other force multipliers (below) can help address them.

Optimizes communication channels and systems so you’re always on the same page with your Sidekick.



Lifetime technical support, quality assurance, and skills training from our Sidekicks Success team (for your Sidekick)

Team of operations experts at your Sidekick’s beck and call FOREVER.

This team trains your Sidekick on new skills - i.e. - If you hire a Sidekick and after a few months determine that you need them to learn Google Tag Manager, we’ll teach them how to use it (and so many other tools).

If you see the same mistake made twice, our team will build in a layer of quality assurance so it’s not made a third time.

If your Sidekick’s communication or professionalism needs some polishing, we’ll coach them until they’re exceeding expectations every day of the week.

Team of former agency marketing, sales, and tech experts at your Sidekick’s beck and call FOREVER.



Done-for-you, copy and paste SOP library

Dozens of SOPs swiped directly from our portfolio of 7 figure autopilot businesses so you can tweak them to fit yours in minutes instead of hours.

Countless other SOPs created specifically for our clients to fill in virtually any gap and get you even more foundational frameworks to copy/paste into your operations.

Don’t have what you need? We’ll help your Sidekick create custom SOPs to document specifically how your team operates and set you up to scale.

Paid search, paid social, SEO, lead gen, content, design, dev, and more



Access to our marketing toolbox (top marketing apps and tools)

We pay thousands of dollars for access to the highest tier accounts for many of the most popular marketing tools (so you don’t have to).

As an extension of our team, we provide full access to a wide variety of tools so you can save on monthly subscriptions and redirect that revenue towards your growth.

We have tools for SEO, paid search, paid social, organic social, databases for leads, flowcharts, funnel mapping, competitor research, AI copywriting, and many more!

Don’t have what you need? Suggest a tool and we may add it to our toolbox to make sure you (and our other Heroes) have what you need.



Access to our guru course library (dozens of the top business, marketing and sales courses)

Get full access to dozens of business, marketing, and sales courses with 3,4, and 5 figure price tags that we’ve used to train our teams and your Sidekick(s).

Courses on time management, productivity, efficiency, operations training, marketing, sales, mindset, business strategy, CRO, and many more!

We have courses for everyone at every level to ensure you and your Sidekicks have exactly what you need to take your skills to the next level.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Make a suggestion about what courses you’d like to see and we’ll likely add them to the library.



Your full tech stack is on us

Get full access to our agency High Level account. We’ll set you up with a High Level subaccount on the house and can do the same for any/all of your clients.

Website builder, landing page builder, online appointment scheduler, survey builder, form builder, email automation, SMS marketing, course builder, call tracking, and more.

Receive virtually everything you need to market/sell/run an online business at zero additional cost. Set your clients up and provide additional value to them while you’re at it!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Make a suggestion about what courses you’d like to see and we’ll likely add them to the library.



One-on-one operations consulting with multi-7 fig business owners

Live, 1:1 consulting calls with our founders (multi-7 figure business owners) to guide you on how to structure your team for optimum efficiency, quality, and results.

Learn how to build a high output, low-cost team so you scale the right way and achieve maximum profitability and maximum freedom in your business.

Filler content

Stop hiring for the wrong roles and focus on building a team where everyone is playing to their full potential and your team/culture is set up for long-term success.



Appointment setting training with multi-7 fig business owners

Live one-on-one strategy calls on how to develop your appointment setting program for your business.

How to structure your offer, how to de-risk your services, who to reach out to, what to say in your messaging, which channels to reach out on, and more.

Filler content

We’ll even help you write your messaging and build your lead lists so you’re set up for success right out of the gate.



Ready to use, copy and paste template library

Live one-on-one strategy calls on how to develop your appointment setting program for your agency.

How to structure your offer, how to de-risk your services, who to reach out to, what to say in your messaging, which channels to reach out on, and more.

Filler content

We’ll even help you write your messaging and build your lead lists so you’re set up for success right out of the gate.

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Our triple strength 100% money-back guarantee

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that you won’t find better offshore team members for a better price anywhere, period. If you do, you’re entitled to your most recent billing cycle refunded in full - as well as the option of a replacement within 72 hours.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with something, we’ll make it right. If we can’t make it right, you’re entitled to your most recent billing cycle refunded in full with no further questions asked.

Consistency Guarantee

If you’re not seeing consistent, measurable progress with your Sidekicks or your bottom line from having worked with us, you’re (you guessed it!) entitled to your most recent billing cycle refunded in full.

More Happy Heroes

Not all of our clients can show their faces on camera (it's a Hero/secret identify thing) but here are a few more examples of what people are saying about working with Sidekicks.

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Tools, tasks, projects, and platforms we can help with

Scroll through the carousel to see just a few of the tools our team can support (we can do all of these and so much more!)

A message from our Founder…

There is no better way to hire and offshore right hand. I don’t want to be abrasive (and it’s hard to convey tone when writing so I’m throwing some emojis in here) 😊but if that’s not clear by now I invite you to close the page and return to scrolling Upwork profiles.

If you’re ready to evaluate Heroes and Sidekicks as your long-term hiring partner (I know, we’re so much more but…) then I invite you to book a call with one of our Talent Strategists. I promise it’ll be the lowest pressure discovery call you’ll ever take as our business model only makes financial sense when we work with people who represent a genuinely good fit.

These calls are about assessing fit, figuring out who you need to hire first and how we can help you generate the greatest impact to your business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We’ve helped well over 100 business owners, as well as dozens of internal teams, do just this so our Talent Strategists are uniquely equipped with thousands of data points that they, in turn, use to help you make a rock-solid hiring decision.

No matter what you decide, myself and the entire Executive Sidekicks team are sending all kinds of good vibes your way so you keep growing, find the perfect people for your team, and build the business you dream about.

To your health, happiness and success!

Nick Deck

CEO and Co-Founder